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Social Media

What else to say here than what you already know? Social media in all forms is not only here to stay but supersedes all other channels when reaching and keeping your customers. Most reputation building is taking place from perfect strangers sitting on their couches at certain times of a given day... empowering your product/services in ways unheard of by compared to traditional methods. Deadfish was the first agency in the west of Norway to recognise this potential and in 2008 created a sister company Social Me AS that has built up more relations for company's here than any other Advertising company locally. Deadfish was first advertising company in Norway in 2002 to include film, graphics, print, web, animation and strategy under one roof. Our stronghold is that we see where trends are headed and we stay and keep you ahead of the game as technology and trends are changing faster than you can blink your eyes. Upon presentation, we can show the hundreds of social media campaigns, pages, events and clients we have made and served.